Our expertise


Manned-Unmanned Teaming

MUM-T is the guidance of multiple unmanned aircrafts from the cockpit of a manned aircraft. This approach ensures high flexibility, information superiority and security for the aircraft crew. The challenge is to ensure high situation awareness while keeping the crews workload balanced.

We are experts in designing and developing automation systems for MUM-T missions. These systems use powerful AI algorithms to reduce the workload for UAV guidance.

Mission Management Systems

Mission management includes the efficient usage of vehicles, sensors, means of communication, and other. A successful mission completion in dynamic scenarios requires continuous planning and optimization taking time, space and resource constraints into account. Such tasks are highly challenging for pilots and operators of manned and unmanned aircrafts in cockpits and command centers.

We develop novel and innovative mission management and guidance systems based on state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technologies combining the skills of both human and AI. Despite the high functionality of automated functions, the user remains the ultimate authority.

Adaptive Systems

Complex and dynamic military mission scenarios require continuous situation assessment, planning and decision making on the spot. Such cognitive tasks are characterized by a high demand on mental processing resources. Balancing situations of high workload is crucial to avoid human error and performance decrements.

We develop adaptive associate systems to ensure safety and overall mission performance. Such an associate system supports the operator in performing cognitive tasks by correcting possible human errors, and proactively preventing them. The system adapts its support to the task situation and the mental state of the operator. Despite the high functionality of the associate system, the human operator remains the ultimate authority.


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