Timber Express 2021, Jagel

HAT.tec GmbH demonstrated its powerful mission management software during the multinational datalink exercise in June.

In future military missions, connectivity and interoperability are the key enablers for mission success. At HAT.tec, we focus on connected mission software for multi-domain and MUM-T operations. Together with Airbus Helicopters and TCG we deployed our mission management suite on the H145M. The software was highly integrated in the helicopter’s avionics and cockpit. Connected via Link 16, VMF and CESMO data links at the same time, the software provided the crew the aggregated operational air picture and data from the electromagnetic spectrum. Operational advantages comprise enhanced mission coordination as well as superior crew situation awareness and decision making on the spot. Using VMF, the helicopter demonstrated network connectivity with ground forces and digitally-aided close air support.

The system was tested for two weeks during the Timber Express international data link exercise in complex helicopter and joint-domain missions. This included demonstrating interoperability and conformance to data link standards in joint helicopter, fast jet and remote carrier missions.