While AI will fundamentally change the way work is done, technology will ultimately enhance human capabilities rather than replace them. The benefit of such Human Autonomy Teams is a significant increase in human and mission performance, especially in highly complex environments, by combining the strengths of both partners. HAT.tec GmbH is a software development, research and consulting company specialized in Human Autonomy Teaming Technologies. Our core competencies comprise the utilization of state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technologies such as automated reasoning, planning and decision making to create software solutions that dramatically enhance overall mission and human performance.


SCALE is the disruptive mission software suite for airborne operations ensuring superior mission and human performance. The software allows mission management for civil, parapublic, and defence applications. Superior situational awareness including integrated Artificial Intelligence!


We offer customized solutions for your mission. Specifically, we provide software design, development and integration of mission planning, execution and assistance systems as well as UxV on-board autonomy up to and beyond TRL6. Our solutions scale from single vehicle to team-of teams and are based on state-of-the-art AI technologies.


We provide consulting services for the development of HAT systems. Our core expertise comprises areas such as mission analysis, concept design, function allocation and interaction for HAT systems. We accompany the development process of your product, supporting the specification of requirements relevant to your mission, system design and integration.