HAT.tec in uncharted waters – domain air meets sea.

“Hoch die Fahrt und hart das Ruder” – The 25th DEUTSCHE GESELLSCHAFT FÜR WEHRTECHNIK e.V. Naval Workshop was dedicated to the upcoming challenges like accelerated technology development and the procurement of future systems tackling the German navy.

The Future Operating Environment (#FOE) requires maritime warfare assets with high sea endurance as well as specialized and diversified maritime technologies. This trend was also evident in the large number of presentations and exhibits on the subject of unmanned vehicles and #autonomy.

In his session on software and scalable effect chains, CEO Dr. Fabian Schmitt addressed the challenges that must be overcome and HAT.tec’s solution approach “Human Autonomy Teaming”, the cooperative support by #AI and not the replacement of the operator.
HAT.tec’s experience and expert knowledge in this area is strongly influenced and backed by  its roots as a start up of the Universität der Bundeswehr München and MARC – HuMiCS Lab.

Our concepts and solutions have already been proven in several Connectivity and Manned-Unmanned-Teaming (#MUMT) demonstrations and exercises, lately also including german navy assets.

We are really happy about our debut in the new environment sea and are very pleased about the great resonance experienced here – HAT.tec GmbH is really looking forward to the next DWT Naval Workshop in 2024.

Save the Date – 26th DWT Naval Workshop:
23. – 25. September 2024

Would you like to learn more about HAT.tec’s “Human Autonomy Teaming” approach in software development? Get to know our outstanding software solutions like #SCALE and find out how they can also contribute to the success of your mission – contact us: https://www.hattec.de/contact/