cpmFORUM FCAS 2023 Edition – Dr.-Ing. Yannick Brand’s presentation summary

Thank’s to cpm – Defence Network , the publisher of the cpmFORUM magazine and organizer of the FCAS Summit, those that couldn’t take part at the remarkable presentation of HAT.tec’s CO-CEO Dr.-Ing. Yannick Brand about the “Challenges in the development of an adaptive assistance system for theNGWS“, we are pleased to offer you the article as a downloadable PDF file – enjoy reading! 📖

cpmFORUM FCAS 2023 HATtec article screenshot

If you should have any questions considering the article and/or HAT.tec’s work on FCAS and how Human Autonomy Teaming technology can also improve and enrich your mission system, please contact us: https://hattec.de/contact