Human-AI Teaming – Next level of autonomous systems – cpmFORUM 04|2023 article

#RÜNET23, the leading conference on armament and utilization for the domains land, air and sea, organized by cpm – Defence Network in cooperation with Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik u. Nutzung der Bundeswehr BAAINBw, just ended. For the corresponding cpm FORUM magazine special issue 04|2023 “Rüstung und Nutzung”, we contributed an article on our view of the status quo of #Autonomy and the way ahead. Connectivity, interconnection of sensors with effectors and resulting massive availability of battlefield data are already creating a strong demand on higher software-defined capabilities for information analysis, interpretation, planning, etc. Even though suchlike AI-based capabilities will be indisputable required in programs like #FCAS, they are creating new huge challenges in terms of human factor issues, responsibility and ethics. We expect the key to resolving those conflicts being the right human-machine task allocation and the cooperation of humans with AI in a manner adequate to the responsibility. Therefore HAT.tec is striving for software solutions which do not replace humans, but instead support them in the best possible way within the framework of a cooperative working relationship. These “Human-AI Teaming” capabilities will be a key element to succeed in the Future Operating Environment (#FOE). Our software solutions comprise disruptive automation capabilities for the multi-domain mission management, including Manned-Unmanned Teaming (#MUMT) interoperability and deep human-AI integration. To avoid unnecessary long innovation cycles, the scalability and modularity are crucial for HAT.tec’s overall development process. Grap your copy of the cpm FORUM article on HAT.tec‘s vision for “Human-AI Teaming – The next level of autonomous systems” here: cpmFORUM 04-2023 HATtec article screenshot Would you like to learn more about HAT.tec’s “Human-AI Teaming” approach in software development? Get to know our outstanding software solutions like #SCALE and find out how they can also contribute to the success of your mission – contact us: