HAT.tec visits University of Granada

Pushing for Innovation:

Last week HAT.tec had an exceptional stay at Granada Spain, visiting research facilities of the Universidad de Granada and their partners conducting impressive research in the field of humans, AI and future oriented communication technology.

We would like to thank Diego P. Morales and Joaquin Cordovilla Marquez from the Research Transfer Office OTRI – Universidad de Granada for hosting our visiting team Dr. Fabian Schmitt, Dr. Franziska Funk and former UGR Student David Morales Rodríguez.

Special thanks to Manuel Pegalajar Cuéllar for highlighting the research lines of the ETSIIT faculty (School of technology and telecommunications engineering).
Our acknowledgment also goes to Sergio Damas and Nuria Rodríguez Barroso for providing the opportunity to understand more about the work at DaSCI, Andalusian Institute in Artificial Intelligence.
Additionally, very much appreciation to CEO of eesy-innovation Spain SL Francisco José Cruz Ramírez for providing insights into their work and research and collaborations with UGR.
To sum up, we gained valuable insights into Universidad de Granada, their research activities in Human-Machine Interaction, Sensor-Data Fusion, AI, etc. Given the close alignment of these areas with HAT.tec’s ongoing work and projects, we are looking forward to further opportunities for collaboration.

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