CESMO Working Group – Opening Meeting 2024 at HAT.tec Office

Last year’s #TimberExpress2023 exercise was an exceptional experience for the HAT.tec team, demonstrating the capabilities of its mission-software #SCALE in an international #NATO multi-domain operation environment.         

During the tactical communication and information exchange exercise, different connectivity solutions, data links, and networks with their newest updates were brought together to test and showcase the interoperability of those systems in “sensor-to-effector” chains in a multi-domain environment using multiple, heterogeneous platforms.

One major key aspect of the exercise was the utilization of the #CESMO (Cooperative Electronic Support Measure Operations) #STANAG 4658 network to provide sensitive #ESM data to #NATO coalition forces.

HAT.tec GmbH therefore greatly appreciates the opportunity to host the first meeting of the #CESMO Working Group in 2024 and welcomes its renowned partners involved in the further development and standardization of the #NATO standard – from the industry ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH, JISR Institute, a.s., Curtiss-Wright Corporation, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH, Airbus Helicopters / Airbus Defence and Space as well as the representatives from NATO, Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces), Universität der Bundeswehr München, German Federal Ministry of Defence – Bundesministerium der Verteidigung and the Czech Army.

In the working group meeting, the results and achievements of #CESMO in the 2023 exercises are reviewed and assessed to determine the current state of development, functionality, and interoperability of the current version of the network protocol. Problems found are discussed and solutions are agreed on while future capabilities and functions of the network protocol are defined and developed.
As technology evolves, the challenges here are to also integrate new capabilities in the #CESMO network, such as data evaluation from advanced sensors or processing information obtained from newly deployed unmanned systems. Also, the accelerated identification of own signals and the improved differentiation between friend or foe signatures is a matter of utmost importance. Additional perspectives for the future electronic battlefield include the further development of #CESMO standards with regard to detecting, identifying, and jamming enemy signal sources, as well as the creation of an open, non-proprietary system standard.

The HAT.tec team is delighted to host this event and is looking forward to upcoming development and actions – expect more information to come!