In September 2023, HAT.tec participated once again in the NATO multi-domain exercise TimberExpress2023, organized by the Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces) at the Air Base in Jagel/Hohn Schleswig-Holstein.
In addition to Air Force, Army, Navy, the Cyber and Information Domain Service German Armed Forces | Cyber- und Informationsraum Bundeswehr and the Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik u. Nutzung der Bundeswehr BAAINBw, a large number of industrial companies andNATO partner nations were also involved.

The aim of the interoperable information and communication exercise is to bring together the different connectivity solutions and updates in weapon systems, to test “sensor-to-effector” chains (reconnaissance of targets, provision of acquired information via common networks, presentation of the overall situation picture for decision-making, planning and execution of the attack strategy) with heterogeneous platforms and to ensure the holistic recording of the situation picture via various data links for all participants.
The challenge here is to use Tactical Data Links (TDL) not only to obtain the up-to-date common operational picture on the battlefield, but also to distribute your very own data to other allied forces and the higher command levels error-free and in real time to enable them to assess and evaluate the current situation and derive further actions. In this case, the tactical picture was obtained and distributed via the #CESMO and Link16 network while VMF and the CMDL video data links were used to exchange command & control as well as aircraft and mission status information in Digital-Aided-Close-Air-Support (DACAS) operations.

During the exercise,HAT.tec successfully deployed its mission software SCALE on multiple aircraft to support the operators in evaluating the tactical situation and fulfill their missions while simultaneously providing own tactical information to other (allied) units, both in the air and on the ground. SCALE enabled efficient communication and data networking between the various units, contributed significantly to improving the situational awareness and therefore generating a better overview of the given setting to realize faster decision-making.
Through joint approach and close cooperation during the exercise, valuable insights were gained that further improved the efficiency and interoperability of data links, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of military operations and thus strengthening the capabilities of the armed forces.

For us at HAT.tec the participation in the TIMBER EXPRESS 2023 exercise was a great success – stay tuned for more demonstrations in 2024.

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