SCALE at Tiger’s Nest – HAT.tec joins in for annual NATO Tiger Meet

HAT.tec is proud to announce the active participation in this year’s NATO Tiger Meet being held at Fliegerhorst Jagel. The Tiger Meet as an annual exercise, brings together “Tiger” squadrons from various NATO air forces, participating in this exercise to enhance interoperability, share tactics and foster camaraderie among the member nations.
The event features intensive training missions like Combined Air Operations (COMAO), Forward Air Control, Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR)​ and more.
As part of this prestigious exercise, we are thrilled to contribute to the advancement of NATO’s operational capabilities and strengthen our partnerships within the defense community.

In this exercise, HAT.tec‘s focus is on connecting and testing tactical data links (TDL) such as Link16 and the integration of the CESMO electronic warfare network within our advanced mission software SCALE.
Our team is closely collaborating with Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces) and NATO partners to ensure the flawless integration of real-time data sharing and mission planning capabilities which are crucial to ensure seamless communication and coordination during joint operations to improve situational awareness and operational efficiency of participating units and thus guarantee the success of joint operations.

During the exercise, we conducted rigorous live testing and validation of our system on a connected ground station but also in-flight to ensure that it meets the stringent requirements for NATO operations and to provide a superior situational picture during the Tiger Meet missions.
Together with our partners ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH and JISR Institute, a.s. we used the exercise to exchange and provide live information from the CESMO data network, further developing the CESMO capabilities in SCALE as developed and matured during the past exercises like Timber Express 2023.

This is a significant step for HAT.tec in the development of its tactical mission management suite, also in view of the upcoming Indo-Pacific Deployment (IPD) in which HAT.tec’s SCALE will be operationally tested within the RIMPAC maneuver by the Bundesmarine in an OperationalExperimentation – stay tuned for more!

For more information about the NATO Tiger Meet, visit the official NATO Tiger Meet website:
or the Article on the Homepage of the Bundeswehr: 13 Nationen beim NATO Tiger Meet in Jagel

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